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Let's be honest.
College visits are difficult to do when you don't have the time or financial resources to do so.
 (especially if it's out of town or out of the state).

 While we do recommend you look into programs that offer college trips, you should also consider virtual tours.

NOTE: Some colleges will PAY for you to visit their campus!
Learn more about fly-in programs HERE!

Campus Reel

Explore colleges through the lens of college students themselves. Honest reviews of their schools.

If you can't find any virtual tours for the school you're interested in, email an admission officer.

An exemplary email:
Title: Prospective Student Question about Campus Visit
Dear (Name of Admission Counselor for your area)
I am (First, Last Name), a first-generation and low-income student from Edison High School Fresno, CA. I am interested in applying to the University of Michigan-Ann arbor to pursue a degree in Business. While I understand the importance of visiting a campus in person, I am unable to do so because of my financial circumstances. I was reaching out to see if you could connect me to any potential fly in programs I could take part in and if you could redirect me to a virtual tour of the campus."
Your Name