College visits are difficult to do when you don't have the time or financial resources to do so.
 (especially given the current COVID-19 outbreak).

 While we do recommend you ask your high school counselor if they offer any college trips, you should also consider virtual tours to get a feel for the campus. Is it in the middle of nowhere or in a big city? Maybe in between?

If you can't find any virtual tours for the school you're interested in, email an admission officer. Show your interest. 

An exemplary email:
Title: Prospective Student Question about Campus Visit
Dear (Name of Admission Counselor for your area)
I am (First, Last Name), a [first-generation and low-income student from _____High School in city/state. I am interested in applying to the University of ______ to pursue a degree in _____. While I understand the importance of visiting a campus in person, I am unable to do so because of my financial circumstances. I was reaching out to see if you could connect me to any potential fly in programs I could take part in and if you could redirect me to a virtual tour of the campus."
Your Name

Virtual Tours

Some colleges will PAY for your expenses to visit their campus!

Learn more about diversity fly-in programs HERE!
This is a list from 2019 but many programs run every year (with the exception of this Summer 2020) 
[These programs tend to be for rising seniors.]
Group Seflie

Campus Reel

Explore colleges through the lens of college students themselves. Honest reviews of their schools.


This site has a language option to switch to Spanish! YouVisit allows you to take virtual tours of various campuses across the US.