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Say Their Names.⁣⁣
George Floyd — May 25th, 2020⁣⁣
Breonna Taylor — March 13th, 2020⁣⁣
Ahmaud Arbery — February 23rd, 2020⁣⁣
and many more.⁣⁣
Mi Casa Es Tu Casa is saddened, like many others around the world, by the tragic deaths and injustices that the Black community is facing and has been facing for far too long.  We openly condemn racism, discrimination, and injustices made towards marginalized communities.

We are facing 2 pandemics right now and one has lasted much longer than any of us can even believe. While we may not have a vaccine for COVID-19, we know what it takes to cure this second pandemic.  We stand in solidarity beside those whose voices have been silenced by systemic racism and police brutality. We hear you and we support your cause. 

Given the fact that all of our members at Mi Casa Es Tu Casa identify with the Latinx community, we know we truly can never understand what the Black community is going through, but we promise we will stand and fight alongside you for there is nothing more powerful than unity.  For many of us, this starts with combating racism and the anti-blackness within the Latinx community.  


⁣NO JUSTICE. NO PEACE.  #BlackLivesMatter.⁣⁣
Please educate yourselves and support the cause in any way you can.

Amplify Black voices! If you can't donate money, sign petitions.

Find ways to go beyond social media. What we cannot do is simply remain silent. 

Please refer below to some resources on Instagram.

More Info:

Here's a Guide for how Undocumented/Daca protestors can support the cause:

Click HERE

You can also help donate to bail funds which help those who have been unlawfully arrested in protests and are unable to pay bonds themselves.

Click HERE

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