Mi Casa Es Tu Casa Scholarship Fund

Application Due August 31st, 2021 11:59 PM EST


Three Winners | $400 each

  1. High school senior graduate (Class of 2021) planning to pursue higher education. 

  2. Identify as at least ONE of the following:

         - First-generation college student (neither of your parents graduated from college)

         - Raised in a single parent household

         - Undocumented/DACAmented

      3. Have a financial need.


Puedes solicitar tu aplicación en espanol tambien. Para hacer eso, cambia el lenguaje del sitio web.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply?

We encourage all recently graduated high school seniors (Class of 2021) that identify with one or more of the scholarships (first-generation, from a single parent household, undocumented) to apply. This applies to any student currently living in any of the 50 US states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, or Virgin Islands.

How can the scholarship fund be used?

Funds can be used to cover any school related expenses including, but not limited to, tuition, room and board, books, transportation to campus, etc.

Who should I contact if I have any specific self-related questions?

Please feel free to email us at info@micasaetc.com

When will I hear back to know if I was selected?

You will receive an email mid September 2021 to know the status of your application.

What are you looking for in an applicant?

We are not looking at your grades or SAT/ACT scores. We are looking for someone that embodies traits of perseverance, resiliency and initiative.

Is this scholarship renewable?

Unfortunately, this is a one time scholarship.

Can these scholarships be used for any major?


Do I have to be Hispanic or Latinx to apply?

No. We encourage all students regardless of their background that identify with one or more of the identities outlined by the scholarships to apply.

Are there any restrictions on the type of school I’ll be attending in the Fall? Is this only for students enrolling full-time at a four year university?

There are currently no restrictions on the institutions a student may attend. You are eligible for a scholarship as long as you are attending an accredited institution for at least part-time.

Am I eligible to apply if I completed and passed a General Education Development (GED) test?

Yes. If you recently completed and passed a General Education Development test in the academic year 2019-2020, you are eligible to apply.

What do you consider a first generation college student?

A first-generation student means neither of your parent(s) completed their bachelor's degree. You can still be first-generation if your older siblings went to college.

What is considered to be an undocumented student?

Any student with or without DACA status.

What is considered to be a single-parent household?

You are living full time with one parent.

Can I win more than one scholarship?

No. You can only win one even if you are eligible for all three. We want to be able to award as many applicants as we can.

Special thank you to all our individual donors (current college students, teachers/professors, college graduates) who made this possible.